From the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca in the Mediterran sea to Merida on the border of Portugal and
from San Sebastian to Malaga and Gibraltar to the South, Spain has become a choice destination for
many, in fact Spain has recently enjoyed large-scale immigration for the first time in modern history, a
climb to 13% of the share of immigration to Europe is the largest number in EU.
Its economy over the fiscal years 2017, 2018 has experienced strong employment growth and relatively
subdued inflation which has propeled private consumption and confidence for the present and the
coming years.
Spain offers various venues for those who wish to immigrate and become eventual citizens. Realestate is
the main route taken by many and our counsultants can guide and assist you with all your banking and
purchase needs. Please contact one of our counsultants at +98 (21) 8885 6120