Company Establishment

Company Establishment

If you know nothing about how to register a company and what are the steps for it but you are highly interested in setting up a business in any EU country, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, or other countries around the world, and you need some good advice from where you should start and what to consider before starting the process, our business consulting and legal service company with some valuable experiences, may accordingly offer you:

  • A new from zero established company with your preferred company name and all of the necessary internal documentation package (i.e. new company registration and business license if needed);
  • An enterprise that has been already established but no business activity has been executed;
  • An enterprise that has been already established and had been operating for some time but due to some reasons no business activity is executed now;
  • A running business for sale that is operating now, has turnover, employees, etc. Choosing this type of company may ensure you steady revenue, a verified business model, also
  • Getting resident permit and ensures you unrestricted travelling through all the Schengen area in EU.

For setting up and registering a new company, starting or expanding your own business in any country around the world, first of all, you should carefully estimate how much financial and time resources all the steps would take. We can clarify the following important issues, related to company establishment:

  • How To Start?
  • How Much Time It Will Take To Register A New Company?
  • How Much Money It Will Take To Register A New Company?

If you feel that you have some questions on what to do, how to start the process or what you need to know before starting the process; all the questions and steps related to how to register a business, may be answered by our specialists who are always ready to give you some good tips and advice on how to start the business from zero in the chosen country around the world. You are always welcome to write an online message or e-mail to our team on any question you are interested in.

Getting Resident Permit in EU through Company Establishment

We offer two options to get resident permit in an EU country: residence for financially independent person or via establishment of the company.

With regards to the company formation the procedure is more complicated. It requires excellent business plan and you need to prove to the authorities of the nominated EU country that your business is really useful for its economy.

Our consulting and legal company provides comprehensive services in the area of Immigration Law, especially for obtaining a residence permit for foreigners in many of the EU/EEA countries especially in the Schengen area. An extra service is obtaining a trade license or services related to the establishment of a company. We are ready to arrange everything necessary for you.

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