From the Arctic Bathurst Islands to the North, to the Great Lakes in the south and the rich Atlantic
shores of New Foundland in the East to the majestic Rocky Mountains of the West, this stunning nation
with its solid economy, world renowned universities, multicultural and multilingual society has rightfully
become the choice destination for new migrants and those that wish to further their education.
Canada offers many obtions for entery. There are both Federal and provincial plans that can suit
individuals or families wishing to migrate.
Should you wish to migrate to Canada under its generous allownces or enter into a Canadian university,
our counsultants will gladly assist you from start to finish. Should you also wish to purchase a home or a
buisness our specialist will also assist you to be certain a wise and safe investment is made, all your
finance and banking needs will be fully superrvised by our specialists. For further information please
contact our office at +98 (21) 8885 6120 for an appointment.