Scholarship & Funds

Scholarship & Funds

A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to pursue their further education. Scholarships are awarded on various criteria as described by each institute and meant for development of education.

Scholarship Hot Seat!

We have developed this segment for those who outrank many others in scholastic ability and for those with both, the right academics and the right attitude to be the best. We provide opportunity to students through our strong official associations to avail scholarships at various universities and colleges around the world.

R&C Global Partners has strong partnerships with international universities and institutions hence are able to provide authentic and first-hand information to potential students & aspirants to obtain full or partial scholarships. Moreover, our team of career advisors will assist you & guide you with complete application process & documentation for scholarship application. Many of our students receive FULL and Partial scholarships each year.

Let us bridge this gap for you and assist you in making your dream destination a reality!!

In order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship you must have applied and received an offer from the university. If you have not applied yet, contact us and seek Advice.

In case of any doubts or queries, you may seek our assistance through Live Chat or email us on

Important Information:

  • Kindly provide correct details while filling up our “Apply Scholarship Form“. Selection of applications for scholarships are completely done by the respective institutes applied for & by fulfilling all their admission requirements.
  • All applications received by R&C are given equal opportunity for assessment and only qualified applications meeting the requirement of the respective institute are sent for final process.
  • Decision of approval and grant of scholarship is of the Institute. R&C does not guarantee or assure any student for the same.
  • Processing time of assessment and application depends on the institute applied for, generally it takes from 8-12 weeks and R&C takes no responsibility in delayed process or no outcome of applications. Qualified and accepted students are advised to also directly liaison with the applied institute.
  • Once pre-assessment is made on your applications and approved by respective institute or R&C, you will be asked to provide Attested Documents of your Academics, work experience documents and all other required documents as specified by the respective Institute. So, get yourself registered for Free and avail this opportunity at the earliest..!

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