Canada Residency (Skilled Worker)

Benefits of Living in Canada

On the basis of several compelling factors like quality of living, environment, security, career opportunities, etc. the world apex body, the United Nations (UN), has rated Canada as the Number One place across the globe, for permanent residence purposes and getting into Canada through Canada PR – Permanent Residence Visa is the best option.

Canada boasts of as many as 5 cities amongst the leading 25 most habitable world cities. Canada is also famous as a multicultural nation, par excellence. Courtesy its two official languages, English and French which enjoy widespread popularity across many countries. The presence of the nationals having varied religious and ethnic backgrounds further enhances its appeal as a popular world immigration destination.

From the Asian nationals’ perspectives, the nation is an even more wonderful place to shift to. Its strong Asian communities have been established for more than a century even while two of the five biggest Asian communities outside Asia are based in the Canadian cities of Vancouver & Toronto.

Referring to the financial aspects, those who move to the country usually do rather nicely. The nation’s Work Visas proffer handsome bare minimum salaries, besides first-rate settlement options for the trained, business, & investor aliens.

Canada is a member of the G8 (Group of 8), apart from being a member of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). So, it is little surprise that people from across the globe move to the destination, in large numbers, round the year. With favorable monetary facets many booming employment opportunities also arrive.

Further, since service industry plays a dominant role in a country’s overall employment industry, over 33% of its populace is fruitfully involved with numerous job activities. Furthermore, primary resources such as mining, fishing, oil, etc. play an important part in hiring qualified experts from across the globe. Trading with other countries further boosts the country’s position.

A democratic nation in itself, Canada provides equal rights and freedom to its nationals — a feature which has backing from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The same guarantees 100% civil, democratic, legal, mobility, language & political rights to those residing in the nation lawfully i.e., through Canada PR – Permanent Residency Visa.

The nation’s heavily subsidized and government funded health care support and educational facilities further boost its global appeal amongst the migrants. Even from the safety and security viewpoints, the country has an edge. This is, perhaps, one of those rare nations which you do not associate with bloody wars, & violence. Here people live perfectly in peace and harmony with themselves, and with the world.

Who Actually Canada Permanent Resident Is?

Canada Permanent Resident or Canada PR is essentially a person, who does not have the country’s citizenship, but has been provided with the permission to simple reside, and/or do a job or business or invest inside the nation’s territories, minus any kind of restrictions at all on time-period put on his stay in Canada on Permanent Resident Visa. Any employer can employ you and a Canada PR cardholder does not need a work permit to take up a job in Canada. Likewise, businessmen can do any business or invest in any area or part of Canada by just meeting the regulatory requirements for doing such investment or starting or running such a business. There are specific Canada immigration program for skilled professionals and businessmen and investors.

Despite the fact that the nation’s permanent residents carry on being their home country’s citizens, they also enjoy certain rights & privileges in Canada as well. Practically, they can enjoy all the rights of a citizen except for right to vote in elections and Canadian passport. It is another matter that in order to maintain their position as a PR, they have to satisfy certain mentioned duties involving residency. For instance, it is necessary that they reside inside the Maple Country, for at least two years out of every five years to maintain their cherished permanent standing. New regulations are in the pipeline whereby a Permanent Residence card (PR CARD) holder of Canada would be required to stay in Canada for at least 4 out of 6 years to retain residency and in addition may be required to stay for 6 months out of every 12 month period. Keep visiting this website on regular basis to get updated immigration news or simply subscribe to our newsletter to know as and when this proposal become law!

Significantly, every permanent resident is given what is known as the Permanent Resident Card (PR Card); it’s the certified proof of his unique position as a permanent resident of the nation. He has to produce it whenever the involved officials ask him for it. PR card permits a person to travel outside of Canada and re-enter country. Those entering the country on a short-term basis like an international student and/or a temporary overseas worker lacks Canada’s PR rights and is not a permanent resident.

Express Entry Canada for Federal Skilled Worker – Immigration to Canada

Canada Express Entry has ushered Canadian immigration system into a new era. The new system is unique in several ways and has brought about a big transformation in the way the Canadian government chooses skilled immigrants for entry into the country the CIC does not process the applications passively anymore, but it rather chooses the people it would like to invite into the country from a pool of aspirants vying for a place in the last selected batch of qualified candidates.

The salient features of ‘Canada Express Entry Program’ are as follows:

  1. The candidates selected under the Canada Express Entry System are granted permanent residence status. They do not need to compete against the occupational ceilings the system sans first come first serve basis of evaluation and predetermined time deadlines;
  2. The program includes following schemes:
    1. All of the former federal skills migration initiatives, FSW – Federal Skilled Worker scheme; FSTP – Federal Skilled Trade Program; CEC – Canada Experience Class;
    2. Some parts of provincial nomination schemes;
  3. Canada Express Entry is an electronic platform that allows the aspiring applicants to create online profiles free of charge which can be retained for a period of 12 months, after which the applicants may resubmit their profiles;
  4. Before initiating profile creation process, the candidates must negotiate a preliminary process – they must get their academic accomplishments assessed from a designated evaluation body of Canada, like WES; and they must also write an approved language test to evidence their linguistic skills in either English or French;
  5. The profiles are gauged for eligibility by the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. The CRS assessed the applicants on the basis of certain pre-determined criteria, like:
    1. Age,
    2. Linguistic skills,
    3. Academic accomplishments,
    4. Professional exposure, and
    5. Other deemed vital profile traits that can evidence ability of new entrants in settling in the Canadian environment;
  6. After gauging the profiles, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) ranks them on the basis of the marks obtained;
  7. Additional marks can be obtained by the candidates under following conditions:
    1. Sponsorships earned from a wiling Canadian state, if any; or
    2. Full time regular employment offer from a Canadian employer;
  8. The CIC conducts short listing draws at regular intervals to pick the applicants who have scored highest marks; or have a provincial nomination to their credit; or have obtained a permanent employment offer from a Canadian employer through job bank;
  9. The shortlisted candidates are instructed to go ahead with filing of second sets of applications for permanent residence. Selected candidates are given 60 days to respond, failing which the invitation is cancelled; and
  • The CIC promises to evaluate requests of the selected applicants within six months of receipt of completed requests;

Our past experience and current engagement with the Canadian skilled immigration system gives us every reason to firmly believe and suggest that the current format of Canadian skilled migration system holds several promises; as selected candidates can get Canadian immigration visa faster than any other comparable scheme. You just need to do the things right the very first time, i.e. compile all the requisite documents and negotiate all the required steps meticulously.

You can approach R&C Global Partners for a comprehensive support – right from assessing of your profile to judge your eligibility to submission of your profile and subsequent follow-up, like filing next set of requests if you are selected for the permanent residence.

If you are feeling excited about shifting to Canada, start by emailing us your and your spouse’s profile to and avail an assessment at absolutely free.

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